Hello Donkeys!

Donkeys love staying in the sun, most of all in the morning hours.

Every morning my two donkeys Quintina and Flora find the perfect place for their sunbathing. There they wait untill I arrive with the breakfast: a nice amount of hay.

But first some important daily rituals: cleaning the surrounding of the eyes with cotton, grooming, brushing, removing the remains of the winter coat, checking all over the bodies if there are little or bigger wounds wich have to be cleaned, disinfected or treated with ointment. The hooves have to be cleaned as well. Everything done? Ok, now it’s really time for breakfast!

Of course they will get fresh water as well. Three times a day I fill the two buckets with fresh water. Now, during the summer, they drink a lot. Donkeys can stay without water for hours and hours, but – they need a lot of water. Once they have access to water (clean water, PLEASE), they fill up their needs in no time, drink a lot then they are fine again.

Oh, I forgot something! Is there still salt available? Oh, yes, ok

So, now I can have my own breakfast. Bye bye, donkeys!